Wednesday, 2 February 2011

What is a "Space" and what is it used for?

A space is an abstract concept that shapes the context in which user is currently placed. A space can represent a group of people, a university course, a company division, a folder, a forum, a blog, etc.

A space normally consists of people, tools, assets and other sub-spaces. Tools are different applications and agents that exist inside a space and can be used by people inside this space (opensocial gadgets for example). Assets are different resources that can be added to space, this includes documents (attachments, html pages), online resources (youtube videos, slideshare presentations), etc. A space can contain other sub-spaces as well.

Space concept allows to model such concepts as group of people, community, event, competition, etc. It is an important part of our social lives, that's why we proposed it as an extension to Opensocial specification.

See below more information and discussions about space.

Space proposal to Opensocial 2.0
Space extension draft
Space proposal discussion

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