Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The road to the true video search

It's been a while since my last post ... A lot of things have happened.

One of the most important things in my life was a shift from Academia research to the Startups world. And I should say that is an amazing journey!

No doubts, I enjoyed doing my PhD, I loved my colleagues. But in the end of the day it's not really "our" research or "our" thing. Everyone is on its own, doing his/her own thing. It's like everyone has his/her own child that they take care of.

Startup is different. There is one child, and each one of 10/20/30 parents makes sure that this child becomes amazing. It is the true team work. Everyone makes an impossible effort to shape a diamond into a brilliant. I love the way each of our team members is picky on every single detail of the product or the process.

What have we done? At Koemei, we deliver true video search experience.
See for yourself. You can now search inside the video recording, you can jump to a point of video that interests you. Type 'software' in the search below and hit enter. Read more about it and try it yourself at https://koemei.com

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